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.4 Oz Saltys MICRO SCUTTLEBUGGER Swimmer Lure

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Sportfishing FET Applicable
(+0.90 Federal Excise Tax)
Out of stock
Micro Scuttlebugger
Very limited colors left!
1 copper
2 pink/black butt
1 White Red-head
.4 oz, VMC 4650 Black Nickel pyramid cut hooks. 17 lb American split rings. All epoxied hardware. Throws very well and catches even better! Smallmouth, Largemouth, Hybrid Stripers, and more!
Very seductive wiggle, wokka wokka wokka noise calls them in. Hand finished in New England.
Each one of these lures takes approximately 30 minutes just to assemble...Extremely time intensive lure to make so they're not made in huge quantities.
Try them at night. Hits can be explosive on these!

Some colors may not be available when ordered depending on previous orders. We will notify you if a color should be out of stock that is listed.

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