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.625 Oz Topwater Spittlebugger Lure Kits

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5/8 Oz Topwater Spittlebugger Lure Kits

The newest in Salty's freshwater kit line!
Nice slender profile with waking action across the top coupled with some awesome front & rear propellers for maximum noise and attraction!
This lure is designed for Pike, Pickerel, both Large/Small Mouth Bass, and more!
All kits are sanded out to 150 grit and require minimal if any sanding.
All components are included INCLUDING VMC Black Nickle hooks!
We use only USA made components in our kits!

High Strength nickel plated .062 screw eyes will stand up to big fish time and again!
Reel in steady and add a twitch and pause every once in a while. Slammin fun!
Try a few short jerks, then a short slower retrieve. Pause and repeat.
Explosive strikes from smallmouth and largemouth bass are to be expected.
This is a beginner skill level kit!
These kits are all turned on our dedicated kit cnc machine and drilled with precision and duplication second to none!
Can be painted with Salty's Lure Paint, Createx Air brush paints, or with acrylic paints and a small brush from AC Moore,
let them dry thoroughly and coat with a few coats of clear spray paint or brush with epoxy etc in thin coats for more durability.
Lures need to be finish sealed to prevent water intrusion. More information on our free lure forum linked above.
We carry a full line of epoxy topcoats, hooks, paint, etc here: Lure Hardware

Lures sold individually.



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