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8/4 Alaskan Yellow Cedar Stock (AYC)-7.5" length

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24 Piece limit on all wood squares at this time. Orders for additional will be reduced to 24 pieces. This takes one box, so additional items may result in additional shipping needing to be charged, the cart doesn't know how many boxes is needed. We will NOT fill orders for more than this, and the quantity is subject to change. Please do not order if you are unwilling to pay proper shipping when your order requires more than one box. Thanks for your understanding. 

8/4 Alaskan Yellow Cedar Stock (AYC) UNDRILLED

We cut out major imperfections, each blank is perfect for lure building. 
This is the nicest AYC stock that anyone has ever seen for lure building. 
We're working with a major west coast mill shipping to us directly by train car.

The average age of Alaskan Yellow Cedar is 6-1200 years old. It grows only in certain elevations in northwestern forests.
Most Yellow Cedar is shipped to the far east and used for saunas, decking, etc.
The sawdust is said to be an excellent bug repellent when put around your foundation.

10 pieces fit in a box for reasonable shipping. Heavier orders may require multiple boxes which the cart can't calculate for. 

Alaskan Cedar makes a subdued buoyancy lure that tends to ride a bit deeper than other more lightweight woods such as pines or red cedars.
We make many of our kits out of Yellow Cedar.

8/4 size, planed to 1.75x1.75x7.5" Alaskan Cedar
CVG (Clear Vertical Grain) B+ grade, 99.9% clear, turns, sands, and takes paint very well.
Makes great poppers, metal lip swimmers, and floating needles.
This stock is S4S square, size is 1.75" square.
Stock is extremely tight grain, almost a fir like consistency. Yellow creamy color..


Sanding these products can expose you to Wood Dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov   Saltys is a small business and exempt from California Proposition 65 warning requirements, but choose to provide them voluntarily for known chemicals per California law. Wash hands after handling, DO NOT smoke or eat with contaminated hands! Keep away from children and do not ingest! USE COMMON SENSE!
Salty's reserves the right to sell to individual home builders.
Remember to use good dust collection or a respirator when sanding any kind of cedar.
They contain a very defined crystalline structure which is bad to inhale. All cedars are this way.
Also make sure you use a good quality hiding primer so you don't have problems with bleeding
which are prevalent with all cedars.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Turning blanks will sand out to a very fine finish.
Since AYC is similar to POC or Red Cedar the same precautions apply in regards to turning safety and dust control.
Yellow cedar is one of the most enjoyable woods to not only turn but work with and even fish.
It's very buoyant with a specific gravity of around .55 but at the same time it's very dense and slow growing.
We also have more turning squares on other pages

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