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Baystalker Lure

The Bay Stalker is a 6" dog walking/spook style lure, sealed against water for maximum durability, and hand painted. Weighted perfectly for optimum presentation, it will bob and dart back and forth with ease! It uses VMC Permasteel 4X strong 4/0 Belly hook, 4/0 Permasteel treble hook. 150 lb Rosco swivels and 2X strong 110lb Rosco split rings.

Oversized Holographic eyes for maximum effect! Like all our lures, it has stainless steel hardware where possible and through wired for maximum strength! Perfect for stripers, or LARGE bluefish and other saltwater game fish!

Proper presentation of this lure is to cast then twitch the rod tip up and down while retrieving, this will allow the lure to "wiggle" from side to side. Vary your retrieve, slow for stripers, faster for Bluefish or Tuna