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FATHEAD Lipless Swimmer

The FATHEAD swimmer is a lipless type swimmer, sealed against water for maximum durability, and painted. Weighted perfectly for optimum presentation! It uses VMC Permasteel 4X strong 4/0 Belly hook, 6/0 buck tail dressed siwash tail hook. 150 lb Rosco swivels and 2X strong 120lb Rosco split rings.
Oversized reverse Holographic eyes for maximum effect! Stainless Steel hardware where possible and through wired for maximum strength! Perfect for stripers, or LARGE bluefish!

Proper presentation of this swimmer is to cast then twitch the rod tip occasionally while retrieving, this will allow the lure to "wiggle" from side to side. Vary your retrieve, slow for stripers, faster for bluefish.

The FATHEAD swimmer has a completely new weighting scheme that I've spent hundreds of hours perfecting. This is also I believe the first time there has ever been a commercially available wood swimmer like this with squid eyes. We custom built a machine just to make these lures so they're consistent each and every time. We hope you like the end result!