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Fishing Lure Paints

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Testors Mini Paint Kit / Vallejo Airbrush Paints

Vallejo paint is a specially formulated acrylic polyurethane paint designed for both spraying and brush painting.

This fast drying acrylic contains a high impact polymer that bonds to a variety of surfaces including plastic lure bodies, wood lure bodies, and more!

Basic/Mini Paint Kit
Gloss Yellow, Metallic Gold, Gloss Orange
Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Gloss Green
Metallic Silver, Gloss Black, Gloss White

One Small Paint Brush, One Mixing Tray

Good for 2-3 small-medium size lures

Note the Testors Paint kit & some Vallejo paints on backorder due to pandemic. 

Painting tutorial here

Basic Color Paint Kit
2 Oz bottles Primary colors, White & Black

Recommend a .3 nozzle or larger for an airbrush, you can thin with reducer or a small amount of water. Let colors dry thoroughly between coats. When children paint with these paints they tend to use them thick-allow to dry extended length before they are coated with epoxy to make them durable. Recommend paints be set with hair dryer until paint is warm to touch. This makes sure that everything is perfectly dry and is properly crosslinked.

Water cleanup until dry, Acetone may be required to remove dried paint. Always use either a white or black basecoat on top of your primer.

Fluorescent Color Paint Kit
2 Oz bottles, Crisp NEON glow colors!

These must be coated with a UV protected finish like our Bob Smith 30 minute topcoat or Flex Coat Finish available below.

Gotta love that neon yellow color under the neon green over a sandy bottom on a cloudy day. SLAMMIN Block Island color.

Metallic Color Paint Kit
2 Oz bottles Metallic Primary colors, Silver & Black

All are used over a white or black base.

The silver color looks very nice over a base of white.

Candy Color Paint Kit
2 Oz bottles Metallic Primary colors, Purple & Black

Thin these and shoot over other colors for some fantastic effects!

***Due to widely varying conditions it is the responsibility of the user to test processes and procedures to determine what works best for their use.***
This paint has been time tested over a range of fishing lures.

Salty's incurs no liability for paint or finishes on any lure of any kind.

Surface & Paint Preparation

Surface must be clean and dry, remove all dust etc. Recommend not handling lures with hands otherwise finger oils can cause problems. We recommend rubber gloves anytime you are coating a surface. Paint is recommended to be stirred, not shaken. Shaking paints does not allow all pigment to be put into mix. Popsicle sticks work well as stir sticks. Some people drop a 1/4x20 stainless nut into the bottles which helps to mix when shaken. Do not mix sticks/brushes between colors so contamination doesn't occur. Salty's paint can be thinned with any airbrush reducer it is recommended to use a .030 tip or larger.

Drying Time

Vallejo paint will dry to the touch in about 10-15 minutes.
Allow a minimum of 4-6 hours between coats to allow solvents to evaporate.
An increase in temperature will speed up the drying time.
If brushing, it is recommended to allow longer drying time.

We highly recommend you "heat set" any airbrushed paints to speed curing of paint and to crosslink. Heat the lure with a hair dryer until warm. Too much and you risk bubbling the paint so be careful!

Safety Precautions

Vallejo Airbrush paint is non-toxic. Overspray should never be inhaled, see respective manufacturers websites for additional safety information.
Always work in a well ventilated area.
Use a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator for paints and organic vapors.
Exhaust ventilation must be provided with proper fans. Paint carries a 1 year shelf life. Use opened paint as soon as possible.

Solvents not recommended for use by children except under strict adult supervision.

Base Coat Application

All lures should be dip sealed after installation of weights, body filler, etc. Recommend Bin Primer in a spray can, Red works ok, as does Gold can.
A base coat is highly recommended under all colors and especially when using

fluorescent colors due to their translucent nature. Base coat should be either white or black.

Airbrushing Application

When airbrushing with Vallejo paints, find the correct combination of thinning levels, line pressure and environmental conditions.

•Base White: Thin at a ~1:1 ratio, with line pressure of 40 to 60 psi.

•Metallics: Thin at a ~1:1 ratio, with line pressure of 20 to 30 psi.

•Gloss & Fluorescents: Thin at a ~1:1.5 (thinner) ratio, with line pressure of 20 to 30 psi.

Top Coat Application

Bob Smith Epoxy is a 2 part chip-proof clear coat.
It is used as a final coat over all Vallejo paints
to enhance both quality and durability.

Recommend a few drops of denatured alcohol in your epoxy to thin it properly. Sometimes it can be very thick. Just a few drops mixed in well will retard bubbles, and allow you to thin the epoxy without changing it's 30 minute working time.

Can be applied by spray or brushing.
Recommend coverage with a stiff acid brush
Do not overbrush!

Lure will need to be rotated for several hours so that epoxy doesn't puddle to one side.

Always work in a well ventilated area.
Use a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator for paints and organic vapors.
Exhaust ventilation must be provided with proper fans. Paint vapors are heavier than air and will settle at floor level.

Salty's Lure Paint carries a 1 year shelf life. Use opened paint as soon as possible.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Saltys is a small business and exempt from California Proposition 65 warning requirements, but choose to provide them voluntarily for known chemicals per California law.

Wash hands after handling, DO NOT smoke or eat with contaminated hands! Keep away from children and do not ingest! USE COMMON SENSE!

Testors Mini Paint Kit

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