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Classic Surf Tins

I've always liked the way real tin lures perform so I decided to take some classic styles and reproduce them here.
Some of these are very hard to find!
Many will be limited quantities and might not be available year round so get them while you can.
All use VMC Single Siwash hooks exclusively with USA made Rosco 2X stainless split rings.
We use our own machine tied bucktail dressed VMC hooks because they're the best!
Not only can we dress our hooks with constant tension but we impregnate the wraps with a high tech glue
that locks everything into place for the ultimate in durability!

Caring for your tins: Always rinse your tins with fresh water immediately after use.
To keep them shined you can use an old toothbrush and some tooth paste, any non-steel metal polish will work also,
including but not limited to Brasso, Noxon etc. Some guys just drag them down the beach as they walk, it works very well too :)

Bigfish and Big Weasel Lures shown here in unfinished form.