"Your lures are awesome"
"Keep up with the awesome products"
"So I just placed an order, service was prompt and your product was 100 % as advertised. Five stars out five stars. I will definitely be back. Thanks for all you do!"
"Love the fast shipping will be buying again thank you "
"Love these kits, nothing like catching striped bass on something you built and finished. And the quality he produces is excellent."
"Good stuff man kits are awesome. Showed a couple friends all impressed"
"Your kits are awesome! I can’t tell you how many fish I’ve caught on them. My kid got his 40 on one of your needle fish. Hope you and yours are doing well during this crazy time."
Mr. Salty,
I've placed three orders recently. The first one I was pleasantly rewarded with good service and nicely crafted lures. The second one was the same thing. I just got notice that my third order is sitting on my front porch and I'm guessing quality hasn't changed. Also, your turnaround time is right up there with the best. It's great to send business to another small business owner that gives a damn. I recently posted a pic of a bunch of wintertime lure purchases on facebook. One fella asked about your Baystalker. I gave him the lowdown and an honest assessment of your products and business. My dad used to tell me, "The best and cheapest advertisement is a satisfied customer, they advertise for you for free." If you continue on your end, I'll continue on mine. Stay healthy, have a great year, and go fishing. Thanks again.
"These are some more lures for my after school lure building class. We just started and are very excited. Thanks for all you do and for these great products."
Thanks Scott.
I like those reinforced pikie lips.
The blanks are perfect as always.
Thanks for the fast shipping.
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