"Your plugs are always on the end of my line (and usually with a fish attached). Keep up the good work."
"I wanted to attach a photo of a 50lb cubera I caught on one of your 3 oz fathead lures in Panama for your website. Your lures are awesome and worked better than the ##### poppers that the outfitter had."
"I think a while back I had asked you about the eel color, its my favorite, and it killed em!!! Took 3 fish the other night, 18-25 lbs. I haven't had that kind of action on a popper at night ever!!!! Made my uncle run to Dicks B&T to get one, unfortunately for him they only had the smaller sizes. He landed a few smaller fish on the smaller fat head the next day."
"Sorry I don't have any pictures but the Friday am (4-6) fishing was so HOT that I didn't have time. I was not going to kill stripers for a picture. I caught & released 3. 30" 32-33" and 34-35".

All on your yellow Fathead Jr I purchased @ the MassBass show. I couldn't get the popper out fast enough! I got down to XXXXX at 4:15am and was 1 of 2 people there and NOBODY ELSE and TAILS SLAPPING EVERYWHERE! It quieted down at the slack and then the big ones came on the east bound. There was Tinker Mack ALL OVER the place. I had a bass chasing them at my feet!."
"As for the fathead, awesome, the thing casts a mile and catches fish like mad.

It's running a close second as my new favorite lure this season"
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