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Multi-Color Bucktail Dressed VMC Perma Steel Siwash Hooks with flash!

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Multi-Color Bucktail Dressed VMC Perma Steel Siwash Hooks with flash!

Replacements for our lures or for kits/your own lures or use as teasers with a needlefish!
We machine tie these in-house for maximum durability and consistent thread tension!
This is important because it increases the strength the the hair to hook, making it last longer!
Nice Supple lively action! High Tied on the top of the hook shank-eliminates/reduces fouling on the hook!
Will work on just about any lure.
Do not recommend on pencil poppers as it will change the action. (Which is also not a bad thing)
These work well on swimmers, needles, most poppers, or use strictly as a teaser inline with your lure!
These are VMC open eye hooks with the best saltwater rated finish possible. That's why we use them!

"Great replacement bucktails....my second order in the last month!"

"These hooks are my favorite."

Single Color: https://cart.saltwaterplugs.co...

Dual Color Tails

NEW for 2020! Cotton Candy Dual Color Tails!

Olive/White Buck tail Dressed
VMC 9171 PermaSteel 6/0 Tail Hook/Teaser

Black/Purple Buck tail Dressed
VMC 9171 PermaSteel 6/0 Tail Hook/Teaser

Parrot Buck tail Dressed
VMC 9171 PermaSteel 6/0 Tail Hook/Teaser

We can do most colors in these hooks
with a minimum order of 10 pieces.
Please email for additional color availability.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Saltys is a small business and exempt from California Proposition 65 warning requirements, but choose to provide them voluntarily for known chemicals per California law.
Wash hands after handling, DO NOT smoke or eat with contaminated hands! Keep away from children and do not ingest! USE COMMON SENSE!

Dressed Bucktail and Mirage flash on a easily close-able eye!

We tie all our tails with high quality crystal flash, natural bucktail, then they're impregnated with our special glue which makes them bonded solid for best durability! These are 100% machine tied tails, Far superior to hand tied tails because there is a constant thread tension for better uniformity!

NEW! American Flag Tri Color Tails
Set on a VMC 9171 PermaSteel Siwash hook,
can be cut so no hook just a stub also.
Show your Patriotic Colors while you trigger aggressive strikes!

Many people ask what the difference between a feather tail and a bucktail dressed hook is...
Feathers will give you LOTS of movement in the water...but they're not so durable when there's hard hitting toothies around.
Bucktail on the other hand has slightly less action to it but is much more durable than a feather dressed tail.
Bucktail makes a very good all around choice for the back of a lure because of it's durability.
I firmly believe it triggers a predatory strike instinct in a fish because it makes the lure look more realistic and alive.

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