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Saltwater Sandeel Needle Plug 1oz

If you want to top water fish, the hits on these needles can be EXPLOSIVE!

These lures have been used world-wide on many species with the same success!
CNC Turned, sealed against water intrusion for maximum durability, and hand painted. 
Weighted perfectly for optimum presentation! Machine tied bucktail with Mirage flash on the rear hook for the ultimate in durability!
VMC Permasteel 4X strong 1/0 Belly hook, 4/0 tail hook, 150 lbs swivels and 2X strong Rosco 90 lb split rings. 
Stainless Steel hardware used when possible. 
Holographic eyes for maximum effect! Through wired for maximum strength!
I make all my plugs standard with Siwash hooks for best hook-up!
Proper presentation of a needle plug is to cast, then slowly retrieve while occasionally twitching the rod tip to impart a "injured baitfish" look to the lure. Keep the rod tip up while reeling and maintain contact with the lure, or this lure can be worked to "walk the dog", or dredge the bottom and jerk your rod tip slowly!
These are a very versatile lure and will catch fish all different ways! The 1 oz stubby needlefish is neutrally buoyant and will very slowly suspend/sink if allowed to drift. These are absolute killer sand-eel imitations!
What our customers have to say:
"You would not believe the we were catching 25 to 35 pounders on top water for 3 1/2 hours. 
I had fish on that were straightening out my hooks on your 1 oz. needles"
"The BIG Red Fish down here love your plugs. 
Fish them SLOW watch a big bull come up from behind!! Most fun you can have with your clothes on!!"
"Just rec'd my first order of your needlefish lures...as a furniture maker by trade these are beautifully crafted! I can't wait to use them!"
"You should see some of the fish I am getting on your short needle. Even with a mod drag I lost a few slobs to straightened hooks. Problem is when I beef them up my bite ratio goes down so I am running a soft drag and keeping my fingers crossed. 
This needle is out producing everything in my bag including sluggos and my partner is also convinced. That's your Olive/white needle, the small one. I am doing well also with the silver black combo."
"This past season I ordered a few of your 1 oz needle fish off your website after I had cleaned out the selection from Canal Bait and Tackle. Which by the way are THE BEST plug on Light Tackle I have ever used. T
hey caused some of the most vicious strikes I had all year"
"I mean what I say, the three of us were in awe today at how well your plug held up. Not only does it work, but it doesn’t bust into a million pieces like a yoz### etc after a nice fish. 
I could put it on the line right now and go catch another tuna without doing a thing….even the bucktail looks sweet."
"Picked up the yellow over white at Blackbeards yesterday. Bought the last few he had, the ones with the eyes on them, not sure about the size.
Had tuna smashing them today along with bass and blues…managed an 79 or 80 pound tuna on the boat and I have to say I’m amazed how well your hardware held up. 
Scott, when I tell you this tuna had a single hook in his mouth that’s all he had and it looks like it’s brand new. Not bent, not broken…looks new. Your making a great piece of hardware, just figured I’d let you know what we thought. 
I think that thing could have handled a 120 pound tuna no problem."
One of our original lures...