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Saltwater Sandeel Needle Plug 2.5oz

Perfect for North-east Saltwater top water fishing for BIG Stripers and Blues!

Works well for Snook, Tailor, Jacks, Queenfish, and more!

CNC Turned, sealed against water intrusion for maximum durability, and hand painted with a rock hard durable finish! Weighted perfectly for optimum presentation! 
Hand tied buck tails with Mirage flash! VMC Permasteel 4X strong 4/0 Belly hook, 6/0 tail hook, 150 lb Rosco swivels, 2X strong stainless split rings.
I make all my plugs standard with Siwash hooks for best hook-up! Recessed Holographic eyes for maximum effect! Stainless Steel hardware used when possible! 
Through wired for maximum strength! Perfect for school blue fin tuna, stripers, or LARGE bluefish!

Proper presentation of this needle plug is to cast, then slowly retrieve while occasionally twitching the rod tip to impart a "injured baitfish" look to the lure. 
Keep the rod tip up while reeling and maintain contact with the lure.

These needle plugs are slow sinkers tail first, so you can work the bottom easily also if you let them sink. 
Fish them with a teaser about 2' in front of the lure and they are deadly! 
Twitch your rod tip after letting them sink to a sandy bottom. Looks like a sand eel hatching and gets the attention of a a striper on the prowl!

You can also work these similar to a pencil popper, 
twitch your rod tip while reeling they'll stay right up on top!

The perfect plug for surf fishing beaches or jetties from Maine to Florida! 
Excellent for boat fishing too!

What our customers have to say:

"Salty love your black needles"

"Hey Salty, white/pink needle was THE plug for August."

"The BIG Red Fish down here love your plugs. 
Fish them SLOW watch a big bull come up from behind!! Most fun you can have with your clothes on!!"

"My name is xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxx has become a good friend of mine and introduced me to your Salty's. 
We have been fishing for bluefin for the Iast couple of months only. 
Given xxxxx's talent and ability for catching fish I guess I should not be surprised,
but I could never have expected to have boated 20 tuna in only 14-15 trips using your plugs. 
Your Salty's are the real deal and have held up on every fish caught. Thanks for your craftsmanship and for such a great line of plugs."

Hi Scott, Just got back from 2 weeks fishing the E-Islands, had a full selection of plugs from many different custom builders that I had never used before and wanted to test them all out. After two weeks, your olive and white 2oz needle had been anointed "first plug out of the bag every day every where." All it did was catch fish and weave through those nasty boulder fields and be perfect for the e-islands. Did great in the rips too. Neutral buoyancy was ideal for the dropback move. Great lure. Loved your danny style swimmers as well, nice and fat and tuned up just great, didn't get anything on them but that's because the needle was on the end of the line most of the time. Not sure if I should have been using a needle in the day, but couldn't help myself. Anyway, many thanks, I'll be stocking up on the stubbies as well the next time I get a trip lined up. 
Great product, great price.

"Salty's 2 ounce needle in yellow is THE go to plug to cast to the tuna fish. If you know how they like it it is deadly. 
It has caught more SBFT's than any plug I use to cast to them. The thing looks like I dragged it behind my truck for a week but it still kills 'em."
"You may or may not believe this but I got the biggest bass of my life on a pink Salty's needle. 
I released it so no picture for me. 
Love fishing your needles don’t know what they do but they sure catch fish"

"That needle has got wicked mojo and catches big time. 
All fish were small to 10 or 12 pounds but at Head of the Meadow at daybreak they loved that needle. 
It's a great first light/dusk to dark color."

"From one fisherman to another the fish like your stuff and that's what counts. 
Landed over 50 stripers on one of your 2 1/2 oz Black over purple needles with the glowing eyes in a week last fall on the Vineyard. 
All at night at an opening. They were all over 30 in some over 40in.I out fished all the locals with those 2 plugs . 
Sorry couldn't tell people till the Derby was over. LOL Trade secret at the time"

"Caught over 225#'s of stripers on this lure in June on the Vineyard in two hours. Great lure. Thanks Bob"