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Saltwater Sandeel Needle Plug 5 oz

"Canal Monster"  
Few Lures can match the size and the weight of this lure.
It is nearly a foot long and constructed of solid Yellow Birch with a triple sanded finish.
It will sink slightly tail down.
CNC turned, sealed against water intrusion for maximum durability, and hand painted with a rock hard durable finish! Weighted perfectly for optimum presentation!
VMC Permasteel 4X strong 5/0 Belly hook, 5/0 tail hook, Krok Stainless swivels, Oversized 3X strong stainless split rings. 5/8" Recessed Holographic eyes for maximum effect! Stainless Steel through wired.
Perfect for school blue fin tuna, stripers, Giant Trevally, LARGE bluefish, or any other saltwater gamefish! 

Proper presentation of this needle plug is to cast, then slowly retrieve while occasionally twitching the rod tip to impart a "injured baitfish" look to the lure. Keep the rod tip up while reeling and maintain contact with the lure.
 These needle plugs are moderate to fast sinkers tail slightly down, so you can work the bottom easily also if you let them sink. Fish them with a teaser about 2' in front of the lure and they are deadly! Twitch your rod tip after letting them sink to a sandy bottom. Looks like a sand eel hatching and gets the attention of a a striper on the prowl!  Big Lure BIG Fish!

The perfect plug for Canal fishing, surf fishing beaches or jetties when you are targeting large fish!
This lure was designed to get you out there!
As seen in The Surfcasters Journal! Look for THE BEAST