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Topwater Poppers

Sorry I don't have any pictures but the Friday am (4-6) fishing was so HOT that I didn't have time. I was not going to kill stripers for a picture. I caught & released 3. 30" 32-33" and 34-35" all on your yellow Fathead Jr I purchased @ the MassBass show. I couldn't get the popper out fast enough! I got down to XXXXX at 4:15am and was 1 of 2 people there and NOBODY ELSE and TAILS SLAPPING EVERYWHERE!
It quieted down at the slack and then the big ones came on the east bound. There was Tinker Mack ALL OVER the place. I had a bass chasing them at my feet!."

"I found one of your pencil poppers at J & B Tackle in Niantic, CT yesterday. After purchasing it I just knew it was a winner. I've seen your lures talked about on the internet and I finally was able to get an up close look at them and I was very impressed. Anyways I knew it was a winner and wanted additional colors so I started making some calls to local CT tackle shops but no one had any other colors. So I started calling some MA shops and was able to find the colors I wanted: Banana Stick, Pink, Black, Parrot, and Olive. I also wanted your Bigmouth popper in the same colors. That is when I placed an online order with you yesterday. I liked the look of your plugs so much I dropped over $XX (20 lures in total!!) in one day! Any ways I was able to get out on the Connecticut River last night from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. I thought I was going to get blown off of the water! A drift sock helped keep my drift at a reasonable speed. I just wanted you to know that I landed a 17lber last night in 4 feet of water on the Parrot colored Pencil Popper on the first day I actually saw your plugs and then spent over $XX and then I went out and caught a nice fish. The hit was explosive as hell. I can still see it and feel it! My intuition was speaking to me.
Your plugs have a sweet action. I fish very light tackle and they are a joy to fish with."