"Gotta hand it to you guys...great stuff. Wife and I exchanged lures for our 30th anniversary. Thought it was gonna be a joke/bust at first...wrong. Had more damn fun painting and researching for these ! Now we have 5 monster 2-3 ouncers for our week at North Jersey shore. Thank you...you did good.
Steve and Mary "
Hey Scott, just wanted to let you know that I slayed the canal today with those outcaster pencils. Even a bird attacked it. It was a good day!
I’m very exited to have found your website. You’ve got some cool stuff! I manage a tackle shop on Long Island and am already looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks!
Heyyyy, spent the week at the Vineyard fishing and your plugs were the the only one producing fish! Here's a few photos to prove... Thanks so much again!
Great Danny kits! Effective on the California West Coast outer beaches (SF Bay Area).
Just wanted to let you know I've used your lures quite a bit this last season and was very impressed. Caught my first ever topwater stripers with your poppers! And talk about casting distance, with a 1oz plug! I'll definitely be buying a couple more kits this winter. =)
Been using your lures for years. Thank you. Great products
"Love your plugs...they produce when others don't."
"The hot lure was a pink and white Salty Needle. Without a doubt this was the killer pill for those fish! Most times the lure didn't even have to move, before the bails were closed the guys were tight.

After 2 hours I started hearing "MY ARMS HURT", "I THINK I"M GONNA HAVE A BRUISE OVER HERE". The sweet words every charter captain loves to hear!"
Had to send you an email telling you to keep it up.

Very nice plugs, won't go fishing without a few in different colors.

And doesn't cost an arm and a leg if you snap one off.

2.5 oz needlefish Black/Purple Needlefish lure

32 lb striped bass 07/08/06
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